Our place is a mix between PAWN STARS and AMERICAN PICKERS, with some good ol' SANFORD & SON thrown in for fun.
A store JAMMED everywhere with toys, antiques, tools, collectibles, cars & trucks & motorcycles, jewelry, and more.
It's world famous and often visited by politicians and very important people.
It's the kind of place that John Wayne would have loved and Ronald Reagan would frequent.

Stop in and look around - you'll be greeted warmly and treated with respect, and you might just get hooked on shopping at the craziest and funnest place in Kansas!

Oh yeah, we do loans and car storage and sometimes test-fire some new fangled contraption in the parking lot! Seriously, if you've read this far, Thanks! We'd love to meet ya and greet ya.

Apple Pie, Baseball, God, Chevrolet, and
Country Pawn!

Been around over 13 years and the place is stilled filled to the brim with goodies and great deals.
Before you buy, call us FIRST!
WE whip Wally World everyday!

Thanks and keep smilin'! - Mark Springs, CEO